The Problem with Cheap Web Hosting

The problem with cheap web hosting is, well, it can be wors than cheap. There’s an old adage that goes, “if you want something done right, do it yourself.” But there are times when you simply can’t. So, you have to decide on web hosting. And then, another tried-and-true saying, “you get what you pay for — and you pay for what you get,” comes into things. So be careful when searching for an inexpensive solutionto the need for web hosting.

Web hosting can cost an arm and a leg, and unless a business has money to burn (which none do), businesses, nonprofits, sports teams, whoever wants a web site, needs not just hosting, but services. Anyone can park a web page with this or that mega-parking-lot site. But some will do it on the cheap, while others give you what you pay for.

Sites offering specials of less than, say, $10 a year for web hosting are usually the type that offer little more than an internet parking spot, and that’s all well and good if the intent is to do no more than squat on a phrase. But for those people who want a web host that gives them opportunities and exposure, sometimes the best solution isn’t the ultra-cheap one. If e-commerce is involved, the cheap solution is almost always a recipe for failure. Quality comes at a price, but can be found without breaking the bank, so web host seekers should weigh their options carefully when looking for a provider so as not to get burned. There are many considerations — bandwidth, anticipated levels of traffic, advertising and revenue streams — for opening a virtual storefront, say, that also exist in outside cyberspace

A business/organization’s needs must be fully taken into account when looking for a web host, so clicking “list by lowest price first” like the future of a business or organization is a lowball eBay auction may well be the worst idea when searching. Bang for the buck is the goal, so think, and research, carefully when looking for web hosting. Conversely, the highest price might not be the best either, but somewhere out there on the Internet, there’s a suitable host for pretty much everyone’s website, suited to their uses, needs and future plans. It just takes some time to find it — and though cost is always an issue, especially in today’s economy, cheap just might not be a bargain.

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