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Search engine optimization is very important for every single web site out there. It is obvious that any owner wants to rank high in Google because the majority of internet searches are done with the use of this search engine. We can say that we are close to a monopoly when referring to the strength that Google has at the moment. Optimizing content and creating digital marketing campaigns with the purpose to rank high in the search engine is a priority that cannot be changed at the moment.

The huge problem with search engine ranking is the fact that factors used by Google are constantly evolving and changing. It is really hard to create a digital marketing campaign as you need to keep yourself updated with all changes that occur in ranking algorithms. What works really well at the moment and brings in great SERP rankings might not be useful 6 months from now.

What Is Important At The Moment?

We cannot guarantee that the ranking factors of the moment will be of equal importance in the future. However, based on how the market is evolving, we can say that there is a trend that is easy to recognize. At the moment, any digital marketing optimization strategy needs to be focused on the following factors, in the expressed order:

  1. Facebook Shares, Comments And Likes
  2. Backlinks
  3. Tweets
  4. Percentage Of Backlinks With A Specific Keyword
  5. Percentage Of Backlinks That Have No Follow Attributes
  6. Domain Name Keyword Inclusion
  7. URL Keyword
  8. Image Count
  9. Keyword Included In The Description

All these ranking factors will cause an increase in SERP. What you might not know and many beginners in the digital marketing industry do not understand is the fact that there are also negative ranking factors. To put it simple, you gain a plus when the factors above are used properly and a minus when the following factors appear:

  1. Incorrect Grammatical Use Of Keyword In Title
  2. Word count too low or too high
  3. Title character length too long
  4. Adlink numbers
  5. Adsense ads inclusion
  6. Improper use of keyword positioning in titles

You have to know that these minuses are not that important in the sense that their value is considerably lower than that of the positively Google ranking factors. That is why people still include Google Adsense ads in pages since the perceived score drop in rankings is really low.

In conclusion, make sure that you pay close attention to the positively scored Google ranking factors and that you try to minimize the effect of the negatively scored rankings whenever you tap into the power of digital marketing. You will gain many benefits when you take the ranking factors into account!

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